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Unternehmen Online (“Companies Online”)
Unternehmen Online creates specific opportunities for collaboration between consultancy and clients.
The key is the digital exchange of vouchers. Clients scan vouchers and transfer them to the DATEV datacentre. There, the digitalised vouchers and documents are centrally available to both company and consultancy. Advisors incorporate relevant accounting information by means of automatic voucher recognition directly into the accounting record. Unternehmen Online provides companies with a system for the complete commercial process and a solution for the personnel department.

Unternehmen Online enables a needs-based approach to cooperation:
• Making payments, with pre-populated payment transfer media from the digital voucher and automated control of the account statements as well as authorisation of payroll payments
• GAAP-conforming cash account book
• Keeping an accounts payable and accounts receivable ledger
• Acquiring personnel master and transaction data for payroll accounting
• Exchange and central filing of documents for preparation of payroll records via DATEV digital personnel file
• Option to extend to writing quotations and invoices

Subsequently, the consultancy provides its clients with evaluations for financial, open item, cost and payroll accounting via Unternehmen Online. As a result, clients always have the latest evaluations at their disposal, allowing them to manage their company accordingly.

Feel free to contact us. We will advise you on the possible applications of the DATEV solutions and on the structure of your cooperation with our consultancy.

Click on the link below for Unternehmen Online. Please note that it is necessary to connect a DATEV SmartCard or a DATEV SmartCard for the qualified electronic signature (DATEV e:secure) to your PC.

You can watch an online demo on DATEV Unternehmen Online here (incorporate film from DATEV):