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In the LUDWIG tax consulting firm, all employees actively participate in the design of the company. Participation is encouraged and possible at any time in both the professional and organisational areas of the firm. This principle has been anchored in the LUDWIG quality management system since 2004.

The corporate goals of the tax consulting firm are set each year by the managers at the strategy meeting and developed with the staff in advance in the tax consulting firm teams. Employees' ideas and suggestions for improvement are evaluated and implemented on a weekly basis.

Each employee is also involved in areas of responsibility of the tax consulting firm such as professional competence areas, further development of quality management processes, health and knowledge management. In addition, the employees are regularly surveyed to determine their job satisfaction or to determine the need for important office topics (e.g., setting up a home office and organising the health day).

The prerequisite for this participation of the staff is an always transparent and continuous flow of information and communication, which is ensured by weekly office meetings, staff meetings once a quarter and the quarterly staff magazine "LUDWIG News".


The success of the tax consulting firms rests on many shoulders and would not be possible without a team of committed and motivated employees. In addition to individual goals, personal needs in cooperation as well as support in professional development and further training are discussed in the annual development and annual meetings.

In order to promote work arrangements that are appropriate to the phases of life, the association of tax consulting firms offers flexible working hours. In particular, trainees are accompanied in the initial phase during their transition from the school learning system to the work system as well as during their integration into tax consulting firm activities. All team leaders benefit from leadership seminars by receiving individual support in developing their leadership skills.

The atmosphere of collegiality and well-being is also created by the free daily supply of water, coffee, tea and fruit to all employees as well as by targeted health-promoting activities such as internal health days with expert lectures and measurements or training sessions of the LUDWIG running group. True to the firm's motto "We celebrate success together", varied team events, staff parties and firm outings are organised throughout the year.

Together with our managers and staff, we have developed a firm philosophy that guides us in our daily cooperation with each other and with our clients and business partners. This philosophy comprises a total of 8 principles, which are structured with various guiding principles for action:

  1. We work and live in a group of tax consulting firms: the LUDWIG CONSULT Group.
  2. We set clear and understandable goals.
  3. The tax consulting firm is a living space for us. We cultivate respectful and open interaction with each other. Everyone should feel comfortable at work.
  4. We are service providers. Friendliness, trust and reliability are our top priorities.
  5. The highest quality of our performance is our common goal.
  6. Mutual trust is the basis of our daily work.
  7. The success of our company results from the success of our people and our clients.
  8. There is always room for improvement. Together we are building the future of our company.
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