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LUDWIG & MALDENER S.à r.l. ist der kompetente Ansprechpartner für Gewerbetreibende des Finanzsektors in Luxemburg.

Professionals in the financial sector
Services Luxembourg

International tax law is subject to constant innovations, which increasingly also affect national regulations. Investment companies in particular are confronted with more and more regulations and tax law issues. The requirements for tax-efficient structuring of regulated and non-regulated investment vehicles are also increasing. So are notification, declaration and monitoring obligations. It is not easy for professionals in the financial sector to keep track of everything.

LUDWIG & MALDENER S.à r.l. supports professionals in the financial sector with, among other things:

  • the conception of your investment structures and their flexible adaptation to a constantly changing tax law environment .
  • the current financial accounting for companies participating in the investment structures
  • the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns
  • the identification of possible reporting obligations towards government addressees or supervisory authorities
  • the definition of clear requirements for investors
  • the fulfilment of requirements imposed by investors

Our contribution to relieving the burden of everyday work

While you attend to your day-to-day business in Luxembourg, our specialists also take care of financial accounting, payroll accounting and the preparation of annual financial statements. In addition, we support professionals in the financial sector in fulfilling their tax declaration obligations.

Upon request, we assist our clients in fulfilling regulatory reporting obligations and act as a contact partner in the context of the annual audit. In addition, you can confidently place the private asset management of your demanding clientele in the hands of LUDWIG & MALDENER S.à r.l..

How can we make your daily business easier?

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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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