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LMS Services S.à r.l. ist für die Regelung von Domizilierungen/Niederlassungen offiziell zugelassen.

Your partner for successful company formation and domiciliation in Luxembourg
Services Luxembourg

For entrepreneurs, Luxembourg is not only interesting because of its geographical proximity. The moderate corporate taxation and low VAT rate also make the location very attractive - in the form of a subsidiary, an independent company or a branch office. However, such a venture requires a certain amount of know-how, as the Luxembourg Law on Establishment (Loi d'établissement) requires various state authorisations for this.

LMS Services is one of the few providers that are both authorised and professionally capable of assisting you in setting up a business and allowing you to be domiciled in Luxembourg. From here we offer you:

  • Comprehensive service for setting up a company in Luxembourg (preparation of incorporation documents, registrations, etc.)
  • Domiciliation and management of Luxembourg investment companies (holding companies, so-called SOPARFI)
  • Domiciliation and management of Luxembourg family asset management companies (so-called SPF)

Further services within the scope of domiciliation

As part of the LUDWIG Consult group of law firms, our specialists support you not only in registering your company in accordance with the legal requirements, but also in the further course of your business. Among other things with:

  • the preparation of meetings of the Board of Directors and shareholders' meetings
  • the completion of various legal and official formalities
  • an address for your registered office
  • the provision of postal and multilingual telephone services, etc.

Benefit from our expertise in the field of domiciliation in Luxembourg!

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